Acoustic A40
If you love guitars this is a must stop place to visit. It also has a decent selection of ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, percussions,  Amps and effects.  Staff is very friendly and lets you try instruments. A year ago I walked away with the great Acoustic A1000 100W Stereo Acoustic Guitar...
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WWBW Music Instrument Store

It’s always refreshing to walk into a business where the employees or owners are passionate about what they are selling.  I bought a trumpet at music instrument store last week and they were great and very helpful.  Got a great deal and was even tempted to buy another...
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Fender’s Noiseless Pickup

Fender Hot Noiseless Pickups
I had SD SSL-1’s Neck & Middle and SD SSL-5 in the Bridge of my Fender Standard Strat and while I love this setup, I couldn’t stand the single coil noise for the love of god!!! I’m a humbucker guy and I just recently gone to the twang...
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Joy Jewelers College Ring

college ring
Out of all the jewelers I’ve been to (trust me, I’ve been to too many), Joy Jewelers  impressed me the most.  Their staff truly care about making their clients happy, and go above and beyond. Thank you for helping us design the ring of my dreams! They were very...
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Childs Guitar

childs guitar
If you are talking about a guitar for a small child under seven years old you will want to probably get a small body guitar, short scale. If it is to be used as a toy then I would not worry about quality and keep the cost down...
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Sony Headphones

Sony mdr-7506
The Sony MDR-7506 headphones do a GREAT job of accurate monitoring and keeping out external noise. You can find them for sale at some sites (I recently bought 2 more sets for my studio, after having used & loved sony headphones for several years — replaced 2 sets...
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Pan Organizer

kitchen organizer
My sister live in a condo with a very small kitchen. The space where she can keep her kitchen utensils and cookware is very limited. She had to become very creative with trying to fit everything. And this is where this Rev-A-Shelf pan organizer came in very handy. First of,...
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Musician’s Friend

musicians friend
My friend and I bought an electric drum set from this store a week ago.  The staff was knowledgable and extremely helpful, as my friend is a beginner drummer and didn’t really know what he needed.  He loves his drum set so far and he was happy with his service at...
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Apogee Symphony

apogee symphony io
I have a friend who use the Symphony I/O every day of the week for mastering. We love it; for us, it’s by far the best thing out there. Everything he had worked on in the last two years, has gone through it The apogee symphony has unbelievable low end frequency...
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Greatest Songs Of The 80s

songs of the 80s
Most of these songs still sound good today and are still listened to by folks regularly, unlike the 90s list, which had a lot of songs that now sound rather dated and are fun to joke about, and were on the list primarily for their popularity. There are...
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