Lap Steel

lap steel
Some old lap steels have very grunty, meaty pickups, with a thick and powerful sound. These include predecessors to the P90. Others have what look to be more Fender style. Pedal steel often sounds more wiry to me, and that tone might be easier to achieve with a...
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Mother’s Ring

Shimmer Ring
The way my sister made a mother’s/family ring is that when she had her diamond ring done. She had 3 rubies placed on the underside of the ring so she can turn the ring around and have the rubies on top. Anyway, she is thinking of having her...
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Soprano Ukulele

aNueNue Oahu Koa I Soprano Ukulele
The aNueNue Oahu Koa I Soprano Ukulele like is one of the most popular. I’ve purchased 3 of them for family, and I tell you what, they all loved the ukes. All three do not need any setups. The action at the nut, saddle and sound are perfect. To get...
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Havana Faux Designer Burlap

Havana Faux Designer Burlap Tablecloths
I need a Havana faux designer burlap table cloth for my dining room table rectangular shaped and also need burlap or rustic looking curtains or fabric panels for double windows in my dining room. I’d love anything for my which of the Cuban or Havana scene. Maybe some type of  Havana...
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Robes and Lingerie for a Bride

You do not have to limit yourself to something how to say this, blatantly sexy? There, that will do. Items that just suggest sexy work, too. The world does not revolve around Fredrick’s of Hollywood. And I am with you, I would not choose blatant. There might be...
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Custom Drawstring Bags

Cheap Drawstring Bags
As the name signifies, drawstring bags are bags with strings which are placed on the inside line of stitching at the top closing. You can easily carry them around anywhere and for anything possible. Drawstring bags are certainly long lasting items which is also why theyre so popular...
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Web To Print Solution

There are so many different solutions out there. I know for us, we went with EonCode. They are probably one of the best solutions, and their support is second to none. As to a team.. well it’s just me. I went to training a year ago. I run...
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Bach Trombone Mouthpieces

classic bach trombone mouthpieces
The bach 5g is pretty good. That is what I use all the time. But I have a 4g that sounds really good, but its a bit more tiring. With some time I could build up some more stamina and use the 4g all the time. Might I...
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A Bark Collar

bark collar
There is nothing wrong with shock collars. They are perfectly good training tools in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing. They are only bad if you sit there pressing the button all day. Oh and just because  your dog is a breed known for barking...
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Honora Pearl Earrings

Honora Pearls
I wanted all of them, but confined myself to the black and the champagne. I really hope mine come tomorrow because the vineyard necklace is already here and I want the black buttons to wear with it. So glad to hear all of my friend is loving them...
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